.BoomARCHIVE 01.



This is a tape I found at the lovely mississipi records last spring.

I did a bit of research on this music but came up empty handed as to origins, and players..

It was released in 1988 on the bollywood powerhouse WESTON COMPONENTS LTD.

My research did point me at ties to muslim devotional music.

..via the cassettes title – SHAHEEDEN-E-KARBALA. which is from what i gather a muslim devotional term.

The music reflects this devotional mood heavily. ……

This tape breathes and swoons, with heavy rythmic drops amist warm warm tape hiss.

The guitar playing is really REALLY something special! For me it was the clincher.

The melodies areĀ  epic and…..You dont hear tones like that every day..!

…I think I hear some old school Crumar synths at work as well…?

find the right moment and give these tracks a jam through your speakers.

enjoy that tape hisssssssss.

………….and i’m out!


Bhuke Pyase Karbala Men

Ran Men Nab Ki God Ke Pale

Rah-E-Haq Men Shaheed Hoke


Nana Nabi Hum Loote

Lal Mera Mar Gaya

3 thoughts on “.BoomARCHIVE 01.

  1. Epic tracks bro bro. I dabbled on side A a little bit. Heavy heart-wrenching tunes man! I dig it.

  2. this is great. some Lynch soundtrack style, filtered thorugh some dusty tape kiosks. this guy really is capable of some epic moods and keyboard runs.