Calm Tapes

CALM TAPES is a new division of Boomarm Nation, dedicated to medicinal sound and meditative musics. Working with a diverse set of artists from around the world, CALM TAPES will focus on creating reflective sounds as a direct response to the violence and cultural turbulence of our global society. Music is medicine.

The Key – Holding Space
Cassette / Digital
Release Date: DEC. 09 2016 

For our inaugural release we present Holding Space, 7 tracks of spacious introspection, and melodic warmth by anonymous Pacific Northwest producer, The Key. Claiming to hail from the rainforest of northwestern Oregon, The Key draws from a damp and foliage rich environment to create a unique sound world that blends distortion, analog hiss, and blissfully wide open digital spaces with a keen sense of patience, timing and melody. A perfect start to our CALM TAPES mission, placing the emphasis on a deep listening experience, over artistic narrative and identity.


DELUXE EDITION: Cassette & T-Shirt combo:

Digital: available through all major outlets. itunes/spotify/juno/bandcamp/ect..