PODCAST: The Music of Don Cherry


A tribute to the incredible music of Don Cherry. A long time musical hero and inspiration to us at Boomarm central HQ, we dug deep into our collection and selected 80 minutes of wide reaching music by the man.

Get into it!

Mixed by Gulls live on 2 turntables and a CD player.


Roland Alphonso – Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell
Tibet – Don Cherry
Brown Rice – Don Cherry
Love Train – Don Cherry
Lonely Woman – Old and New Dreams
Moving Pictures For The Ear – Don Cherry
Eternal Rhythm Part 1 – Don Cherry
Science Fiction – Ornete Coleman
Eagle Eye – Don Cherry
Gamla Stan – The Old Town By Night – Don Cherry
Blue Lake – Don Cherry
Malkanus – Don Cherry

PODCAST: Iskeletor


We are thrilled to give you this introduction to the sounds of Istanbul based artist, Iskeletor. The newest member to the Boomarm family, look for a cassette beat tape and a companion 7″ from him in the coming months. For now feast your ears on this hypnotic mix a half time crunch and sub pressure truths brought to you live and direct from Istanbul.

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PODCAST!! Spring Selection 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 5.47.04 PM

Damn, we have been slackin’ on 2014’s podcasts. You must forgive!!! It’s not at all due to a shortage of music!! We are doing this DIY amidst all the other waves of action and real life that hit our shores, so please bear with us. New family members, new releases, and a TON of new sounds are coming from our camp VERY SOON.

For now we are pleased to offer up this Boomarm Selection Mix in fine spring style. Pop it on in the headphones, or jam it in the yard loud for the family. Loaded with exclusive forthcoming Boomarm sounds, and an assortment of favorites new and old. Big up yourself this spring, and turn up the sound.


  • “Voodoo Whispers” – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – [Forthcoming Boomarm Nation]
  • “Kulture Promotion” (Version)  – El Mahdy Jr. – [Forthcoming Boomarm Nation]
  • “Mauri Chop (Version) – Young Ecstatics – [Forthcoming Boomarm Nation]
  • “Afghan Ting” – Gulls – [Bootleg/Edit]
  • “Dhool” – Amina Kuluc Ft. Kastum
  • “Koumba Fri Fri” – Mamelon – [OUT NOW!]
  • “Koumba Fri Fri (Gulls Slowed Version) – Mamelon – [OUT NOW!]
  • “Ritual Vibes” – Gulls – [Forthcoming Boomarm Nation]
  • “Beard Snob (Gulls Remix)” – Gousion – [Self Released]
  • “Nubian Dub” – Alter Echo & E3 – [Zam Zam Sounds]
  • “Bars & Tone” – Neka & Shura – [Night Tracks]



PODCAST EP. 12 – Boomarm Selection


 For the last Podcast installment of 2013 we have done a special all Boomarm Nation mix. Packed with forthcoming material (PEEP THE NEW BOOMARM 007 release!!) as well previously released Boomarm remixes and classics. 

 Its been a great year for our music, and may the next one bring the gifts of an ever expanding sound. Thank you for your support. Peace!

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PODCAST EP. 011 – Monkeytek


Joining us on the Hi-Fi is the good man Monkeytek, Portland’s ambassador of all things in dub. The badman cooked us up this mighty live all vinyl mix of the truest of vibes.

Big ups.

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TMRK_BoomarmNation_Alias copy

Joining us on the HI-FI is TMRK. The founder of the BPM movement here and Portland and label boss of the excellent Tamarack Music. With an affinity for Lo-Bit Grimey Dubs and battery powered hardware, this mix is a heady trip into micro circuitry and crunchy decay. Vibes

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Joining us on the Hi-Fi: XJ. Boomarm brother XJ. The man hails from just outside of Paris, France. He runs a fantastic blog, makes killer beats, mixes, and ink drawings. This episode is a deep voyage into the outer worlds of real sound and its reflection through the underground. Heres a tracklist and summary in the man’s own words… Big up XJ.

“Its subway tunnels of Paris on line 7, It’s a forbidden area but its one of those rare places to be at peace. The cycling lamp stuff, warm tunnels during winter nights. The lights station coming…Waking u up. As the sun.
Most of the selected tunes featured in this podcast have travelled already, from the speakers to our ears (referring to Guglielmo Marconi’s conception of frequencies: Marconi became convinced that sounds once generated never die, until we can no longer perceive them. The sound generated is never lost , they just become fainter as each second passes). After all, it’s like offering a backdoor to escape daily madness on our earth, and bring our attention back from convoluted mainstream and full entertainment that Huxley was describing in “Brave New World”… Music today is a very difficult thing to approach if you’ve just landed on our planet, you’ll be submerge with tons of law “quality” “music”.Lo-Fi is very much Hi-Fi to me, if we’re talking about fidelity to the Music. Thats why Dem Hunger/Wanda Group is featured more than once, thats why Steve Reich is also there with Gil Scott-Heron in a street interview i ripped online. Even if it sounds messy ‘n crispy, loud or distorted. I just hope i made it enough for transport purposes…” – XJ


PODCAST EP. 008 – Nathaniel Young


Joining us on the Hi-FI: Nathaniel Young. I have recently discovered the music of Nathaniel Young AKA – FLORAL. His recent release for Purr Tapes dropped my jaw and gave me a newly needed jolt of hometown pride. This Portland, Oregon native is on his way, making some visionary rhythms of splintered dense patterns of kicks and percussion, and tons of beautiful noisy layers. Gorgeous stuff.. Dont sleep on his music!! Cop his recent release, and also check out his collective BLANKSTAIRS, they too have a deep level good release just out. Dig in. Big up Nathaniel.

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We are very thrilled to present this mix of 100% original dubplates from the vaults of one of Portland’s finest: Studio Geordie. Assembled from a collection of lacquer cuts of original material composed, performed, and dubbed by the man himself.

Real Exclusive.


PODCAST EP. 006 – Sunlight Mix

Gulls Sunlight Mix cover

Digging into the Boomarm vaults with this classic summer mix by Gulls.

Edits and tweeks galore.

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