Boomarm Nation feature for Italian Radio Gwen

Thanks to Radio Gwendolyn & Italian radio DJ  Silvia Malnati for putting this Boomarm Nation feature together. We hope to see you one day soon Italy! Below is an excerpt from our interview..

Q: “what is your “technique” in finding talents in the most faraway places of the world?”

A: “Actually there is no technique. I believe that we have all linked through the power of music. All of the connections have been very natural and organic releationships that have developed over time. We don’t do a lot of hype promotion. So things move slow and organic. There is a spiritual connection that happens with sound and music and I believe that that is what has brought the Boomarm crew together. That and hard work and good communication and being willing to take risks for something you believe in. It’s really beyond words.” 


Blessings to all the people of the world. May we unite aside our differences and together find peace and strength amongst the tyrants.

2017 – We ready

All music provided courtesy of the Artists.

Artwork created by: BirdOfNothing 


The Key – Holding Space
Cassette / Digital
Release Date: DEC. 09 2016 

For our inaugural release we present Holding Space, 7 tracks of spacious introspection, and melodic warmth by anonymous Pacific Northwest producer, The Key. Claiming to hail from the rainforest of northwestern Oregon, The Key draws from a damp and foliage rich environment to create a unique sound world that blends distortion, analog hiss, and blissfully wide open digital spaces with a keen sense of patience, timing and melody. A perfect start to our CALM TAPES mission, placing the emphasis on a deep listening experience, over artistic narrative and identity.


DELUXE EDITION: Cassette & T-Shirt combo:

Digital: available through all major outlets. itunes/spotify/juno/bandcamp/ect..

Anti-Black Friday //


It’s the 3rd annual ANTI-BLACK FRIDAY sale! Do yo thang!! Free UP. Bless the planet, respect diversity, power to the women of the world, down with capitalist addictions, and imperialistic tendencies, humble thy self. 1 Luv. ✨🙏🏽❤️





Boomarm Nation, MYSTERYFORMS, and Polygon Press present these beautiful SLIPMATS!

The hand drawn artwork created by MYSTERYFORMS, was originally used for the cover design for our SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL album Her.Imperial.Majesty, and has been beautifully re-purposed for this occasion.

Screen printed by Polygon Press (Zam Zam Sounds) with Gold ink onto black slipmats. These high quality slipmats are made from a firm and thin wool / rayon fiber blend.

To sweeten things further we have thrown in this wicked digital I-wah Dub bundle of Elite Beat’s classic tune “Budget Dancehall” – Featuring the original mix along side a deadly, never before heard I-wah Dub version by SKRS!!

A percentage of the profits will go to Sisters Of The Road Cafe – a nonprofit Cafe in Portland, Oregon’s Old Town neighborhood working to create systemic change that will end poverty and homelessness forever by providing nourishing meals in a safe, dignified space.

El Mahdy Jr. – Die Before You Die MIXTAPE


We are thrilled to present this 40 minute mixtape from Algerian producer, El Mahdy Jr.

This mixtape acts as a detailed behind the scenes look at the sounds which inspired the sonic landscape of the artist’s newest album, “Time To Sell The Golden Teeth” due out in early 2017 on Boomarm Nation.

Featuring a hypnotic blend of devotional sounds, field recordings, and traditional Algerian Chaabi, stitched together with the very first unveiling of several of the tracks from his forthcoming album.

If you are a fan of the previous works of El Mahdy Jr. this will not disappoint – this mixtape breathes with a peace and honest fidelity much needed in these times of turmoil, uncertainty, and amplitude.DUE TO THE EXCLUSIVITY OF THIS MIX WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING A TRACKLIST!!!!

This mixtape is available as a free download, and a limited edition cassette (100 copies), professionally dubbed, featuring artwork designed by El Mahdy Jr. & Polygon Press (Zam Zam Sounds).


released October 27, 2016

Selections / Music / Mix / Production: El Mahdy Jr.

Mastering: Jesse Munro Johnson

Art / Design: Polygon Press & El Mahdy Jr.


Global Riddims: Boomarm Nation MIX

The Belgium based Global Riddims DJ crew twisted up this excellent mix of classic Boomarm trax, and exclusive unreleased material!! Free DL while it lasts via Soundcloud. 


01 Boomarm Nation Intro
02 Elite Beat – Budget Dancehall
03 El Madhy Jr & Gulls – Youm El Khmis (promo)
04 Mdou Moctar – Solo Guitar Ambience
05 Hama & Krucial Kuts – Imidiwa N’Assouf (Alter Echo’s VIP Dub)
06 Teleseen – Parallel
07 Rhythm Force – Clap Children
08 Gulls & Rhythm Force – A Harmonious Approach
09 Gulls & Rhythm Force – Dry Drums Dub (unreleased)
10 Paper/Upper/Cuts – Hi-Life
11 Boomarm Nation – Intro
12 Seekersinternational – Gyal Circuit (Gulls meets SKRS inna borderclash version)
13 Elite Beat – The Confuser (Dub Mix)
14 Elite Beat – Go Back To Oly
15 S Dub & E3 – Hamdawa (Salaouat Nabina Mix)
16 Alter Echo & E3 – Dub mood (Dubplate Mix)
17 X J – Meets The Eye
18 El Madhy Jr – Kulture Promotion