I want to be that dude for a minute and talk about some amazing new albums that drop this fall..   

first. remember Anti POP!!!!  well you oughta’!

and if you dont , you will . with there new new FLOURESCENT BLACK dropping next week.

mind the anoying advert at the intro.. it gets fresh…


NEw OLD Flames from the UK.. Planet Mu drops, instrumental collection by grime producer legend Terror Danjah.!!!! this is really some vitality for me. wow. Triple Vinyl. gotta take back some cans for this one.

2 thoughts on “FAN BOY..

  1. Beans realized he couldn’t make it as a solo act for very long. Strength is in numbers. I hate them through the WFMU live feed from ATP in upstate NY and their live jamming was awful, so weak. The formed songs were good but improv, (groan).