happy NEW yEAR

let us all take note.

cause this is not what 09 is about.

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“I’m all about Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Nike. I want people to remember me the way they know Nike, that level of impact. Who was the last person who really had it like that? When I was a kid, it seems like there was a lot of great pop music. There was George Michael, Michael Jackson.” -Kanye West  Fader # 58 interveiw

2 thoughts on “happy NEW yEAR

  1. “When I met Kanye at his house, an Aston Martin sat in the driveway, Andy Warhol pieces hung on the wall and I walked into the most enormous closet I’ve ever seen. But West might as well have been some dude I met at a party. He was mellow and eager to talk about whatever subject crossed his mind—which, most of the time, was Kanye West”

    Fader 58

  2. yes. the only thing Kanye…… Michal Jackson, and George Michael, man they could both sing!!!!