happy NEW yEAR

let us all take note.

cause this is not what 09 is about.

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“I’m all about Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Nike. I want people to remember me the way they know Nike, that level of impact. Who was the last person who really had it like that? When I was a kid, it seems like there was a lot of great pop music. There was George Michael, Michael Jackson.” -Kanye West  Fader # 58 interveiw

2 thoughts on “happy NEW yEAR

  1. “When I met Kanye at his house, an Aston Martin sat in the driveway, Andy Warhol pieces hung on the wall and I walked into the most enormous closet I’ve ever seen. But West might as well have been some dude I met at a party. He was mellow and eager to talk about whatever subject crossed his mind—which, most of the time, was Kanye West”

    Fader 58

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