Master thoughts…

Here’s some little verbal bites courtesy of mastering engineer Rashad Becker… good clear thoughts on a very illusive matter.

……             …….

“By producing music that’s always aiming for maximum loudness you don’t give people good reasons anymore to properly listen to the music.”


“Scrutinize every singal for consistency, check for what disturbs it, and try to remove that, and not primarily check the signal for what’s too little…”


The basic mistake is that people compress or limit without a musical vision.”


“if you use the compressor and the result is something which is just evidently musically what you wanted to achieve, of course, go for it! But do not compress, just because you think it has to be compressed. I think that’s it as a rule of thumb.”


“..Mistakes – there are a lot of things I have to cope with, which derive from being uneducated or inexperienced, like for example people keep sculpting their sound by boosting frequencies if they feel an element is not prominent enough in the mix. Lets boost it! –


these quotes were taken from this great interview by Robert Henke.

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