Elite Beat – Casual Rhythms Vol. 1

Coming soon!! A 30 minute cassette only release of hypnotic, dubbed out - casual rhythms from the great northwest. Recorded and mixed live by the Elite Beat, an elusive 6 piece ensemble from PDX! Catch them live in PDX tonight at The High Dive 10pm-1am! #boomarmbizz

ELITE BEAT – Casual Rhythms Vol. 1

We give you the sounds of The Elite Beat, a six person live band based in Portland, Oregon. Starting with the heart beat of the Bass and Drums, Eiite Beat crafts hypnotic horn laced rhythm music. For fans of noisy analog dub mixing, live un-sequenced grooves, and soaring melodics atop a mountain of bass. Recorded and Mixed in house by the whole crew here at Boomarm Studios, this 60 minute psychedelic rhythm workout presents a new branch in the Boomarm Sound. Grab a copy of the limited edition Cassette tape below, or DOWNLOAD the digital sides for FREE. 
Limited to 100 copies, professionally dubbed to black chrome tapes for maximum bump. Housed in a full color j-Card and plastic case.

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Iskeletor is the music of Turkish artist Kerem Sevinçli, a rising force in the bubbling Istanbul beat scene, Iskeletor is a regular contributor to the Tektosag collective and a coveted performer at the much-revered Istanbul club nights Pixie and Peyote. With Iskeletor, Sevinçli pulls energy from the creative fires burning in the community of independent and experimental Turkish artists, pushing forward a new wave of sound. Distilling the hard edges of noise and experimental music with the bombast and hypnotic structures of sample-based music, Iskeletor’s music plays like a fever state. Hard rhythms swing razor sharp, cloaked in layers of noise and melody, arranged with both a playfulness and a refinement that feels fresh and ready to burn up your speakers.


Served up on pro-dubbed bright purple high bias chrome cassette tapes, and housed in a full color 2 panel double sided J card designed by Turkish graphic artist’s Bora Baskan and M. Kosemen. Mastered for your sound system and your BOOMBOX by Alter Echo.

We are proud to present the self-titled debut album by Iskeletor, a searing 30 mins of fierce experimental rhythmic sorcery for your sound system.

10$ + Shipping

Limited to 150 copies

DIGITAL: itunes, Juno, Beatport, Ect Ect Ect.. 

European peoples look to REWIND FORWARD for exclusive sales to save on shipping! 


iSKELETOR Gallows / Wa 7″


photo: www.rwdfwd.com

The A side tune “GALLOWS” is a stand out production from İSKELETOR’s Cassette Album.
The B side tune “WA” is a monstrous production made exclusively for this 7″ vinyl edition. It will not be re-released on the cassette/digital version, SO DONT SLEEP!!

Rough and ready for the sound system, mastered by Alter Echo. Art by C.M Kosemen / Bora Baskan / Design by Heatwave Press.  Limited to 500 copies.





BoomarmFamily Album 2015_cover

As a thank you for your support I have compiled a FREE 14 track digital album full of unreleased and exclusive material by the whole extended Boomarm Nation family! Featuring incredible new material by El Mahdy Jr, iSKELETOR, Gulls, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, Mdou Moctar, Alter Echo & E3, Strategy, Best Available Technology, Teleseen, and more!

I hope you enjoy the sounds, its a wild and inspired ride indeed, from blistering sound system burners, to psychedelic African guitar, and horn laced hypnotic grooves, there is something here for everyone!


El Mahdy Jr – RE-PRESS

Back by popular demand, we are thrilled to bring you this limited edition Re-Press of the debut LP by Algerian born producer El Mahdy Jr – The Spirit of Fucked Up Places.

Pressed onto black vinyl, and housed in a heavyweight clear polyvinyl sleeve. Each copy ships with a full color sticker designed by Polygon Press, and a digital download code.

15$ + Shipping  


El Mahdy Jr -  RE-PRESS

El Mahdy Jr – RE-PRESS – Deluxe Edition


Includes: The LP housed in a heavyweight clear polyvinyl sleeve, a full color sticker designed by Polygon Press & a very limited edition T SHIRT designed by HEATWAVE PRESS. High quality black Pima Apparel tees silk screened in white ink, front and back.

35$ + Shipping


Very Limited supplies. ACT FAST!

El Mahdy Jr - RE-PRESS Deluxe Edition

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