Boomarm Nation is a small record label based in Portland, OR. We release experimental Sound System music from around the world on Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital formats.

“Boomarm Nation has maintained sound system culture and extravagant bass music with limited edition vinyl releases and a penchant for poly-rhythmic sounds. The catalog covers African sounds, dubby, dirty textures and dark structures.” – ByteFM / Germany / 2014

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For all sales, distribution, press, demos, and licensing inquiries, please contact:  



We do our best to listen to all of the music sent to us, if we feel like your sounds fit into what we are doing we will contact you. Please send ONLY exclusive – un released material for submission, ideally in a streamable & downloadable format (private soundcloud / dropbox liks ect), a few of your strongest tracks will do, please do not send your entire catalog. If we wish to hear more we will be in touch! Thank you.