Podcast Ep. 004 – DTCPU


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 Joining us on the Hi- Fi: The everywhere sound man DTCPU. Armed with a sampler and a box of tapes, DTCPU treats us to this gorgeous sun drenched churning mix of pure slow-vibe goodness. Sure to take you where you need to be. Let it burn. Much respect DTCPU!


barefoot shrubs – tape hiccup
dtcpu – unknown
lucky dragons – tenderers
duck tails – parasails
mo kolours – biddies
dtcpu – unknown
glia – iwillwaitforyoutoendsuffering
dtcpu – unknown
nipple tapes – fin
lucky dragons – face down
electric egypt – part two
raja – spirit flight
nipple tapes – tbc
chushi – twee.t’pss
jonwayne – allen
dimlite – zoo in fluttering red pt.1
run dmt – portal
dtcpu – unknow
ahnnu – orientation
citymouth – earthlymatters
aaron maxwell – c0b8e0a6
dtcpu – unknown

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