Joining us on the Hi-Fi: XJ. Boomarm brother XJ. The man hails from just outside of Paris, France. He runs a fantastic blog, makes killer beats, mixes, and ink drawings. This episode is a deep voyage into the outer worlds of real sound and its reflection through the underground. Heres a tracklist and summary in the man’s own words… Big up XJ.

“Its subway tunnels of Paris on line 7, It’s a forbidden area but its one of those rare places to be at peace. The cycling lamp stuff, warm tunnels during winter nights. The lights station coming…Waking u up. As the sun.
Most of the selected tunes featured in this podcast have travelled already, from the speakers to our ears (referring to Guglielmo Marconi’s conception of frequencies: Marconi became convinced that sounds once generated never die, until we can no longer perceive them. The sound generated is never lost , they just become fainter as each second passes). After all, it’s like offering a backdoor to escape daily madness on our earth, and bring our attention back from convoluted mainstream and full entertainment that Huxley was describing in “Brave New World”… Music today is a very difficult thing to approach if you’ve just landed on our planet, you’ll be submerge with tons of law “quality” “music”.Lo-Fi is very much Hi-Fi to me, if we’re talking about fidelity to the Music. Thats why Dem Hunger/Wanda Group is featured more than once, thats why Steve Reich is also there with Gil Scott-Heron in a street interview i ripped online. Even if it sounds messy ‘n crispy, loud or distorted. I just hope i made it enough for transport purposes…” – XJ

  • Line7/
  • The Heliocentrics/ Intermission
  • The Hers/ Earth household
  • Lipitone/ Miri
  • Chanes/ 167Clap
  • Ras G/ Dirtyyy
  • Karriem Riggins/ Live at Berts
  • Otis Jackson Jr.
  • Kutmah/ Eye
  • Ras G/ A7
  • Logilo/ Camora
  • Logilo/ Hors la loi
  • Scotty
  • Wanda Group/ Woman woman woman
  • Steve Reich/ Different Trains (excerpt)
  • HiriHara/ Mother
  • Gil Scott-Heron
  • Pedestrian & Jasperdrum/ Kalakuta VS Zombie (PEDit)
  • El-Mahdy Jr/ Phantomatik
  • Jerusalem in my heart/ Yudaghdegh El-Ra3ey Walal Ghanam
  • Velour/ Jormungandr
  • Velour/ Troîcal velour
  • Shabazz Palaces/ Sparkles
  • Ras g/ Children of the hapi
  • Danny Scrilla/ Magellanic clouds (Deft remix)
  • DJ Nut Nut/ Special dedication (Feat. Top Cat & Frankie Paul)
  • Killawatt & Ipman/ Runaway version


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