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Joining us on the HI-FI is TMRK. The founder of the BPM movement here and Portland and label boss of the excellent Tamarack Music. With an affinity for Lo-Bit Grimey Dubs and battery powered hardware, this mix is a heady trip into micro circuitry and crunchy decay. Vibes


Daniel Menche – Karen Carpenter We Only Just Stretched (Begun)

Turtlesaur – fenix down

Black With Ants – Untitled

Black Daddy – Purification

Tanuki House – Green Cloud

Black Daddy – purple room

Black Daddy – Smells Like Smoke

Temple Maps – Eleven Chain-mail, Orcish Blade

Elias Foley – 57 Ways Home

Elias Foley – Blood Bank (excerpt)

Daddy Longlegs & Ethernet – Harrier Wave (excerpt)

Ethernet & TMRK – Cutting with a Hanger

Black Daddy – Deserter

Temple Maps – Reluctance Engine

Gulls / Ethernet – Before A Storm (Reduction Version)

Black With Ants – Bunk Beds

Temple Maps – Supernatural GPS

Black With Ants – Uncle Helmut

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