last week.
PDX had its sleepy brow graced with a very rare appearance by UK dancehall/grime chief THE BUG.
He threw down some great live mixes. Each beat was epic and about 45 seconds long… almost annoyingly so… But for me the abrassion of hearing 50 different beats cut and placed next to each other with very abrupt even unfreindly transitions added to the grime layers. Perfect. I loved it.
…Dude seemed to be really into the fast forward/scatch effect on his mixer….. goofy..
But the bass felt good in me chest.

The Bug live at Rotture PDX #1

The Bug was joined by UK dancehall queen Warrior Queen . The PA was not really as on point as it should have been… thus this part of the set was less enjoyable to me.. nothing worse than vocals that sound like they only comeout the tweeters and live on a different sonic plane than the music..arrgggh. A bit of a let down…
As this track from The Bug’s new ninja tune release, featuring Warrior Queen had been rocking my world for the past several weeks.

Poison Dart ft.Warrior Queen – The Bug

The Bug live at Rotture PDX #2

Thanks Michele for the videos and photos…..

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