oh damn… the new Lee Perry!


So.. when a co-worker said “yo Jesse have you heard the new Lee Perry record?” I instantly passed judgement. “no, and I don’t know if I plan on it.” Yes I admire the man, the legend, and all of his contributions to music I know and love. a whole.. but I think my real connection to his music stops sometime in the early 80’s. Then when my co-worker proceeded to tell me that the new record was produced by bloody nosed party shark Andrew WK. i think i laughed out loud, more out of bewilderment than any thing else. Every thing i have ever known of that dude pretty much falls under my “no thanks” and “shitttty” categories.. .The thought of these two mixing at all seemed like oil and water. Yet it really peaked a vein of intrigue.

After two listens… I was hooked in and really awe struck by more than any thing, the production of Andrew WK. !#$%^@#!????

The beats are totally fucked!! And this is what my over-stimulated mind is very hungry for right now. .
beats that are fucking up the lazy sequenced norm that we are beaing assulted with left and right..
Something so messy and dense with tones and hidden scribbles of waves and tones. Yet totally bumpin and committed to the traditional dancehall toasters pace and peppered with new new ideas of dancehall. fuckin shit. Never thought id say this.. But PROPS to ANDREW WK!

Fire – Lee “Scratch” Perry

The songs are totally akin to the music.. about sex, child abuse, santa claus, end times, jesus, smokin’ sensi.

Lee Perry sounds amazing against this music. his words and heavy… and could have many many meanings to reflect upon over the eye glass of these mad times that keep unraveling in our world..

I’m grateful to hear a man in such a quirky yet very influential place in pop culture make such direct and full-on words at the acts of sexual abuse committed by so many catholic priests…

Babe Sucker – Lee “Scratch” Perry

Messy chaos, out of its element, under a microscope = a sense of strange and familiar elated peace

ODD! good.

Props on a deep level and a shake that ASS level..


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