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Seekers Reconsiders The Vampire’s Curse – Side A (Clip)
Mdou Moctar -Tahoultine (Gulls Remix)
Lokal Affair – Hala Hala (forthcoming)
Saint Abdullah – Mosadegh’s Revenge For 52’
El Mahdy Jr. – Revolt Yourself
Iskeletor – Gallows
E3 – To The End
El Mahdy Jr. & Gulls – Disco Maghreb (Alter Echo’s Dub)
Seekers Reconsiders The Vampire’s Curse – Side A (Clip 2)
Sky High – With The Flow (Demo Mix) (forthcoming)
Krucial Kuts – Youm El Khmis (unreleased)
Elite Beat – Budget Dancehall
Saint Abdullah – Madar Komakam Kon
Paper/Upper /Cuts – Colombia
Old Grape God & Gulls – Suedeicidal
Elite Beat – The 120 4×4 (Natural Magic Dub)
Seekers International – ABwoyTest


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The Sounds of Evil Vol. 1

The debut release from Iranian brothers Saint Abdullah is out now WORLDWIDE. 

Saint Abdullah – The Sounds of Evil Vol. 1 / BOOMARM14

  • Digital LP / Pay What You Want Download
  • Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl
  • Limited Edition Cassette

Direct copies can be purchased via our BANDCAMP shop.

Distributed copies available from:

US: Mississippi Records

UK: Unearthed Sounds

France: Toolbox Records

Saint Abdullah is a project by two Iranian brothers based in Brooklyn and Tehran, who create sounds largely inspired by the religious, political, and cultural history of Iran.

With The Sounds of Evil, Saint Abdullah passionately and unapologetically revisit the roots of their childhood in war-torn post-Islamic revolution Iran. These are family stories—of martyrdom, of loss, and of the tragedies of war, pieced together through aggressive sound collage, cultural sample archeology, and rhythmic structure.

Driven by spliced samples of the thundering sound of see-ne za-ni (ritualistic self flagellation or chest beating), the cry of Shia orators, distorted howls, vintage news clips, and a molten and pummeling pulse, Saint Abdullah twist and renew a sense of time and space. At once channeling and challenging these times that we live in.

This is political music, this is sacred music, and for most of us in the west, this is new music.

Raised in a conservative Shia Muslim family between Iran, Canada, and the UK, Saint Abdullah’s most prominent exposure to music came from family visits to the mosque. Particularly during the holy month of Muharram, where Shia orators would lead mass ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of Husayn, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad, in the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE.

For the two Iranian brothers, there’s no question that Saint Abdullah formed out of a deep frustration with the way the West perceives—and treats Muslims and the Islamic faith. Their hope is that through music, they can help inform a larger inter-cultural dialogue—to build compassion in the way humans deal with issues surrounding race, religion, culture.

Chat and Mix for PDX Mandem /

Conversation & Music. Shout out The PDX MANDEM, thanks for speaking with us and sharing these sounds. The support and love is real! IN THESE TIMES>


Elite Beat - RLC_Dub3 (Forthcoming Boomarm Nation)

Saint Abdullah - Internal Affairs (Forthcoming Boomarm Nation)

El Mahdy Jr & XJ - Peugeot R4 (Gulls mix)

SKRSINTL - Gyal Circuit (Gulls dub)

El Mahdy Jr - Perishan

SKRSINTL - Sophisticated Gyal VIP - VIP dubplate mix

Elite Beat - We & We

El Mahdy Jr. - Passenger

Alter Echo & E3 - Rif Mountains Dub (Teleseen Remix)

Aghali Ag Amoumine - 07 Takamba (Gulls DUB)

Elite Beat - Budget Dancehall (SKRS Dub !-Wah Version)

Black Classical - Mina nagì

Gulls Rhythm Force - Live at Beacon Sound

The Key - Go Deep in Your Heart

Boomarm Nation feature for Italian Radio Gwen

Thanks to Radio Gwendolyn & Italian radio DJ  Silvia Malnati for putting this Boomarm Nation feature together. We hope to see you one day soon Italy! Below is an excerpt from our interview..

Q: “what is your “technique” in finding talents in the most faraway places of the world?”

A: “Actually there is no technique. I believe that we have all linked through the power of music. All of the connections have been very natural and organic releationships that have developed over time. We don’t do a lot of hype promotion. So things move slow and organic. There is a spiritual connection that happens with sound and music and I believe that that is what has brought the Boomarm crew together. That and hard work and good communication and being willing to take risks for something you believe in. It’s really beyond words.” 

PODCAST: Meet Saint Abdullah

Meet Saint Abdullah, the newest members to the Boomarm Nation family.
We are thrilled to be working closely with Iranian brothers Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani-Yeganehi, on their stunning and poignant debut release “The Sounds of Evil” ! STAY WOKE – SOON COME.

This mix was recorded live by Saint Abdullah in Brooklyn, NY.

To learn more about Saint Abdullah peep this exclusive interview:


Blessings to all the people of the world. May we unite aside our differences and together find peace and strength amongst the tyrants.

2017 – We ready

All music provided courtesy of the Artists.

Artwork created by: BirdOfNothing