.time for a haircut G.


++listen++ ..big daddy kane

suns out today in pdx. .. finally! time to cut that grass!

I just want to put it out there that BOOMARMnation is gaining momentum!

This is the first of many many audio posts to come!!

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks….

coming soon::::::::::::::

—- “PORTLAND DOJOS”(in 4 parts)– a photo / video / audio tour of 4 protland producers home studios

—- “BOOMARM family TELETHON!” – a mash up banger release exclusive to this site of 12 portland musicians remixng and reinventing a blend of cumbia and heavy dancehall bass! yes. its fire!
…….the deets :.. I sent out a package of loops to my closest audio twisting friends, complied of a classic cumbia columbiana riff, and a bass heavy dancehall beat. each musican is asked to use the loops as fuel for re-mixl fuel. And creates a short 40second track. once the tracks are compiled they will be sewn toghether to create a seemless rollercoaster of a mix. …suitable for wylin out, mowwin the grass, or cooking up some steaks to.

stay tooned. —JMJ

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